vineri, 24 martie 2017

The5th watch for him & her!


The5th watches:  His - Melbourne range - White & Tan
                     Her's - New York Classic - Soho 

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I always loved the idea of sharing similar things with loved ones, so that's the case with our new watches from The5th. My boyfriend chose a super classy white & tan watch from their Melbourn range, which is a unisex watch. It has a wide, minimal case which gives your outfit an elegant and sophisticated touch.
I chose a feminine watch from their New York range, it has a baby blue and pastel pink interchangeable strap which is perfect for the spring-summer season.

Have a lovely weekend!

7 comentarii:

  1. Ce draguti sunteti, imi plac mult si ceasurile! <3

  2. Aw you guys are adorable and look great with those watches.

    Emma ♥

  3. You are very beautiful!!! My congratulations!!!

  4. Love the photos and the watches! I have a watch from the5th too! :*

  5. Nice pictures both of you and lovely winter jacket... I Like it.